Socializing Part II – Women

There is a line from the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin that I have always identified with.

“I respect women. I love women. I respect them so much that I completely stay away from them.”

The obvious title to bestow on me when it comes to women is a gentleman. This title always comes with a positive reaction from people. “That young man is such a gentleman.” This has to do with my upbringing. I grew up opening doors, pulling out chairs, taking off jackets and walking closest to the street. I get uncomfortable very easily.  Whenever a girl talks about her sex life in front of me, I retreat into my homegrown, sheltered cacoon.

But here’s what I have learned. The average girl my age doesn’t want that. The average mother of a girl my age wants that. Parents love me.

What I am looking for is, admittadly, is a little different from what other 23 year old bachelors are looking for. I want a relationship. Not only that, but I want a relationship that will lead to marriage. I have never wanted to casually date someone. I don’t know why I am like this, but I guess God built me for serious relationships.

I have been in 2 relationships in my life. My first girlfriend in high school was a great start to a dating “career”. She was very good looking and gave me confidence that I could appeal to at least decent looking women. We were awful together, but regardless, it gave me experience in dating.

My second relationship was much more suited to me. The only reason it didn’t work was because she was in California and I was in Colorado. We are still great friends and talk a lot, which I am thankful for.

I have been on a lot of other dates, but nothing really panned out, although I wish that some of them did.

So what do I want in a relationship? I want what God has for me. I know that she is out there for me, and I have resigned myself to be patient for God’s perfect.

I do know what I love most about a relationship, and this is going to sound really weird. The thing that I get the most joy out of is giving joy to my counterpart. And I’m not just saying this to get girls (I highly doubt any girls read my posts, haha).

So I’ll review. I am a college educated, large but athletic, gentleman with mediocre looks who wants to do nothing but make his girlfriend happy. I do not mean to sound arrogant, but I sound like a catch.

Why am I single?

Well, I think lack of guts is part of it. I need to work on my confidence level and ask more girls out. But I am not one to go up to a girl that I do not know and ask for her number. I am not looking to hook up.

Another part of it is what the girls that I have gotten to know are looking for. The large majority of women that I was interested in college, were either into a#*holes or not compatable with me (not a Christian, hated conservatives etc).

So where do I go from here? I am moving to a new city which I know for a fact, has many good looking single women in it, and I am looking for a serious relationship. I am going to let God handle it. I believe that there is a good looking, wholesome woman out there that wants to have a boyfriend that will be there for her, is trustworthy and is respectful. God will open that door, and I will walk through it.

The point of this post? I need a girlfriend (Haha, apparently I am being completely honest in my new blogging venture).

About Dunkley

I am not original. I am a 23 year old college grad/former college football player and my life is changing. I am just one of a millions of other 23 year olds in this world who do not know what they are going to do with their life. All I know is what moves me, drives me, makes me laugh and helps me keep going. This blog is a result of my need to communicate these things to the world. I have never kept a journal, but I have seen blogs become a positive outlet for others. I don't know if anyone will read this, and to be honest I do not care. I just want a place where I can put down my view of the world and the things/people I love.
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